The fur-babies

I present you to the Furry loves of my life: Luna and Charlie.

Charlie will be with my 11 years in 2018! I remember the day I found him at the Austin Animal Shelter.  He was just a country boy sitting there waiting on me.  We’ve been together everyday since and he has been with me through thick and thin.   He is playful and chill; he is old at times and others he is running around the yard like a spring pup.

Luna has a bit of a back story and came to us far too young at just 5 days old.  She was our bottle fed baby and that created a special bond between us.  She is bossy, impatient and very dependent on Ronnie.  In all her feisty spirit she is sweet and loveable and very willing to perform for a treat.  She just wants to be the center of the attention.

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