Roughing it

Tepui Life

We bought out Tepui tent in 2012 and my gosh how things have changed for us.  It came with a 1.5 inch foam mattress and the annex shown in the picture.  We upgraded the mattress to a 3 inch memory foam, full size.  It is an absolutely amazing tent.  It has been though the toughest of storms and has stood up to the test.

Ronnie created a mount on our trailer for the tent.  We found it was far too tall on our vehicle for us.  Besides the fact that we use our vehicle to rock crawl in the day time, it just made sense for us.  We went through about 4 or 5 years of terrible luck with weather while camping, it seemed that every outing came with torrential downpours and flash flooding.  On memorial day 2014ish, we actually had to pack up and run due to flash flooding in central Texas.  The tent was still on the 4-runner at that point and the time it took to pack it up was crucial for us to leave.  We decided then that we needed to have a safe plan of escape while camping.  Having the trailer means that we can run from flash floods or to the hospital with out stopping to think about the tent on top.  We have the luxury to just pull out when necessary.  Possessions can be replaced, lives cannot.

As you can see, we have made modifications that make camping much more enjoyable for us.  I wouldn’t call it glamping (glamorous camping), but it is much more comfortable than the typical ground sleeping and bug bites kind of camping.  In future posts I’ll talk about all our favorite camping gear and spots too.  And for the women whom don’t camp, you should…I have tips to make it more comfortable.

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