Small can be good

There are a few things I have taken for granted growing up in the city; dinner at 11:30 pm if necessary,  minutes away from family or friends and  ice cream or shopping at almost any hour just to name a few city luxuries.  Hubby and I have concluded that we will need at least 2 emergency pizzas in the freezer at all times.  (Our favorite is Screamin’ Sicilian brand, it DOES NOT disappoint)

I digress, what I really found amazing was that after some research it dawned on me that the police force in a small town is also very small.  for example…

JC police


Things to keep in mind…

Austin Metro is 4,278 square miles and Houston is 10,062 square miles

Johnson City is 1.7 square miles, Blanco is 3.42 square miles and Fredericksburg is 8.6 square miles.

SIDE NOTE **Fredericksburg has 33 total officers including detectives, 16 are street/bike patrol and a population of 10,140**

It is very easy to see the difference.  Johnson City city has 7 police officers and under 5,000 people.  While Austin is just at 1 million people and only 2,646 officers.

This means that I am more likely to have a relationship with the officers of my city.  I feel that this means we get better service during calls for assistance.    Not that there is much crime in the small towns, which is a huge reason for moving to the country. You are entitled to feel differently and yes, Austin may an exception police force, I just feel like larger police forces in larger towns are strained for resources and often work overtime.

I believe we will love living in the country.  We are still in transition, of course, but very excited to begin.  I have started my new job in Johnson City, hence the references, but will live close to Fredericksburg.  I am excited to see all the small town eateries and people.  More to come on the people in the future.

Sources: for square mileage


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