Cedar Fever

Get off my chest, you tyrannical pollen.  Coughing and sneezing with unending crying.  You carry the weight of a an elephant, pressing hard onto my lungs.  I sniff and blow with unending trying.

Heavy I carry the burden of the seasons, heavy is the air with your dander.  Living with you is necessary yet not easy.  To your will I must submit. The life drags in and out of my lungs as your mucus making spores make me just a sickly bystander.

Tissue after dreaded tissue, blow after tiring blow.  Even the best laid regime fights hard against your burrowed claws.  Juice, veggies, menthol and tea, nothing it seems is enough to make you go.  Tylenol and sleep it until it is the moment you have seized your destiny and flee.

My body has found the strength to kick you out.  My day is made new, my lungs are freed.  I hate you cedar fever…. until we meet again.



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