Today I made the trek to Luckenbach.  Yea, yea, you are no doubt hearing the famous song in your head by now.  And if you are not, then you probably are not a country music fan.  I digress….I went today to see a cottage for rent in hopes of finding a rental to live in while we build out own tiny cottage on our property.

I met with the owner to see her cottage listed at 325 sq ft built in the last year.  Not everyone can or wants to live that small, but we do.  I find the organization fascinating and the use of space inspirational.  If you have ever downsized before you can attest to the liberation of having less stuff.  A small space will require less stuff.  The place is cute and cozy, and I embrace the challenge it presents to live small.

We downsized, I think, three times now and each time is more freeing.  The cottage we will rent is cute and will be comfortable for us two.  However, it will require thoughtful design and use of furniture.  Pinterest has an overwhelming ability to suck up time and you scroll through endless pages of creative ideas.  We are truly trading inside space for a more free life.  Free of stuff and free of excess waste.

Ideas to toss around:

  1. Lofted Bed for storage/dog bed underneath,
  2. dresser transformed to a kitchen island/storage
  3. old lockers to use as a kitchen island/storage
  4. Collapsible dog bed
  5. Collapsible or pull out dog bowls
  6. Wooden crates for wall storage

What we are gaining is outdoor living and a closer relationship.  Over the year we lived in an RV we became closer and communicated better; we became better teammates.  I would never trade that time with Hubby and I think this next experience will be fantastic in a similar way.

The drive out is fantastic with amazing hill country views.  There are so many wineries, vineyards, breweries, bistros and farmers’ markets along the trek.  So I believe that our live will greatly expand in experiences when we downsize.

I am truly excited and embrace the next chapter of our lives as we transition from city to country living. This rental will help prepare us for what we will need to consider when building our own tiny cabin.  TRIAL RUN!

Plus, I start a new job soon at the Johnson City Library!

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